Lévan Sardjevéladzé – Celsius Online / SNJV

Lévan Sardjevéladzé He is the founder and manager of Celsius online. Celsius online is an independant studio based in Paris and has been developing games since 2004. Their first game, Renaissance Kingdoms, has been internationally acclaimed and translated in 25 languages. In ten years, it has become the first web-based role-playing game in [...]

Christophe Belhumeur – Play In Lab

Christophe Belhumeur Christophe studied plastic arts, music and psychology before joining video games. Graduated from Isart Digital as game designer, he worked at Playsoft and Ubisoft. He is now game design coordinator at Game In Lab: a cooperative company which helps developers and publishers to craft and launch their games. DOWNLOAD – [...]

Frédérique Doumic – OUAT Entertainment /

Frédérique Doumic Frédérique is the CEO of OUAT Entertainment. She started her carreer in finance, then worked as a children programming manager for TV, then created OUAT with Sebastien Doumic. End of march OUAT reached 18 and Frédérique is happy. Frédérique is the Creamer of, OUAT marketing agency department, the one who [...]

Etienne Mineur – Volumique

Etienne Mineur Graduated from Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs de Paris (ENSAD). Co-founder and Creative director of Volumique Volumique is a publishing house focusing on the paper book as a new computer platform, as well as a research lab on book, (computational) paper, Game, reading and their relation to new technologies. Co-founder and [...]

Laurent Michaud – Idate

Laurent Michaud   He is responsible for studies related to consumer electronics issues and video game industry through changing uses, technology innovation, market analysis, market sizing, benchmarking, business strategy, industrial perspectives, forecasts and prospective issues. Laurent acts as economic advisor for game companies and subcontractors working for video game industry. He carries out [...]

Benjamin Charbit – Darewise Entertainment / SNJV

Benjamin Charbit   Starting his career as an investment banker at Rothschild and Lazard, Benjamin was soon overtaken by his passion for video games. He joined Ubisoft to lead the strategy for Ubisoft's online games division before cutting his teeth as a Director on Assassin’s Creed. In 2014, Benjamin parted ways to create Darewise Entertainment, a first-of-its-kind [...]