May 15-16, 2014
Angoulême, France

What is Videogame Economics Forum?

VEF is the perfect opportunity to learn more about videogame industry new business models, improve studios strategy, and meet with investors and business angels.

From Financial Directors to Studio Executives, from Investors to Business Angels, VEF strives to becomeEurope's largest annual gathering of the best and brightest minds in developing, distributing, funding and financing videogames.

A specific website will allow participants to book meetings with investors and business angels participating in the event.


Videogame Economics Forum program

Keynotes, lectures, case studies, panels will give VEF audience a deeper understanding of the funding and financing videogames market issues.

Independent games studios will learn what the keys to building a game company interesting to the eyes of Merger & Acquisition specialists are.



VEF will explore these topics (and more)

  • How to find a place in the market of free-to-play browser games.
  • How to fill tax subsidy files and get a better grasp of R&D subsidies in the European - Union
  • Online Entertainment, Online Games, MMOG's, Browser Games, Social Games, Communities, Item Selling, Online Marketing, Viral Marketing, Free to Play, Design and Production... The world is changing!
  • How Social Games Change the Entertainment Industry
  • Expanding in the US
  • Transitioning from AAA to Premium, Freemium and so on...
  • The German gaming industry's new blood
  • Overview of European policies to support videogames industries. How studios benefit from these. What about Tax Credits.
  • Online Distribution... Which deals for the studios?
  • From a Student Project to a Studio Project
  • French Development Studios: Economic Issues and Chances of growth
  • Hydraulic empires as an analogy to help us understand the Facebook phenomenon and see ways to work with them.
  • A man on a mission: the world's first virtual-world economist
  • The essentials of community management on social networks
  • The impacts of digital downloads on studios, costs and revenues and the implications for developers
  • What can we learn from Facebook, Amazon and Google?
  • Building communities of players that can be sustained and monetized
  • Evolution of society, technology and communication
  • The Evolution of Online Payment Methods and Models
  • French Regions Financing Strategy
  • Eco-systems development

Meeting Place


Big Flood is good for you!

We all know it: After ZX 81, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, Atari ST and Commodore Amiga early days, videogame industry has been going through well known cycles, mostly based on arrival of new platforms from Sega, Sony, and Nintendo. Business models were more or less under control. Developers, Publishers, Distributors, and Manufacturers were playing their part in a fine tuned orchestra. At the same time, triple AAA titles were more and more expensive to create. It was getting more and more difficult for small and medium studios to stay in the race.

Social games, smart phones, tablets, Facebook, cloud computing, free-to-play, premium, freemium - just to name a few - shook the whole system. Bankers and investors, who were reluctant when looking into game company business models in the past, are getting attracted to it again when they take into consideration the high-speed development and quick investment return of companies like Zinga or BigPoint.

Clever minds speak about business and technology paradigm shift. We prefer to talk of a maelstrom, a tsunami, a tectonic shift.

Videogame Economics Forum is all about that.

Videogame Economics Forum (VEF) gathers venture capitalists, private equity firm specialists, and executives from major games companies and independent games studios to discuss the challenges the game industry is facing and explore the magnificent opportunities this tsunami brings with it.

You want to know more? Join us for two days of conferences, workshops, face-to-face business meetings. Attendees will come out of the two-day intensive brainstorm with a better understanding of the diversity of videogame industry new business models, new ideas, new partners, and more importantly, with more money to grow faster.

As old Egyptians were saying: a bad Niles flood is good for us. A small flood or no flood at all would mean famine.